talented • loving • generous • patient • faithful • strong • determined • honorable • truthful • gracious • & the definition of a Proverbs 31 woman!

She has been Jesus’ grace in my life countless times and I know without a doubt we will have each other for a lifetime. (I’m BELIEVING we will do ministry one day together!!) I never tell her enough how much she means to me and I am so excited to party with her at Anthem this week!

Love you @samanthajoycle to the 🌙 and back

This couldn’t have been more perfect.

Now waiting in expectation for Easter!
#crossequalslove (at Living Hope Fellowship)

I was having a little fun while painting the cross for the services this weekend.
This message is so simple, yet powerful. The world needs to know of this love that has changed my entire direction and calling in life - I’d be lost without the love of my Savior. Tonight is going to be a powerful and moving night.
So inspired by the #crossequalslove movement! @hillsong

@livinghopepdx has a lot going on this week! We’ve got powerful services that I urge you to come and bring your families to!
Good Friday Service at 7 | Easter Carnival at 11 | Easter Services 9 & 11
Let me know if you’re coming to any of these :) (at Living Hope Church)

How I pass the time between work & school »> Art 🎨

Can’t believe I just led my last chapel! I’ve seen these teams grow so much over the last four years and I will always believe in this awesome team. We lead Beautiful Things & Oceans and it was a great ending.
Here’s to new things guys, and keep on making music for His glory! @12walters @jaredball #bry #kenny #eli #courtney #lois #daryll

#cupdx #cupdxmusic #praiseensemble (at The FAB)

It’s a |freehand| kind of night.

I mean, it is practically summer ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Prepping for my symposium presentation at my old place of employment. I love this crazy store.

Come to the CU library (the huge building) #GRW313 at 11:15 tomorrow to hear about my practicum experience!
(at Starbucks)

Here’s a #tbt for #nationalsiblings day. I cannot believe this picture was taken four years ago and now this year he and I will celebrate each other’s graduations. To put it lightly, I am beyond proud of my brother. He was a self-acclaimed evangelist from two years old and it is beyond amazing to witness him allow God to shape his life and his future. By his own choosing, he chose @livinghopepdx and it brings tears to my eyes seeing us now doing ministry together. I get the honor of helping raise him up as one of the next worship leaders at our church and I am SO excited to see what God has in store. Despite all that has happened and what we’ve dealt with, I’m proud to be your sister. @andykringlen (at Rolling Hills Community Church)

TONIGHT 7PM it’s going DOWN at #wearecitizens
So pumped for the word and worship tonight…you DON’T want to miss CYC!
(I was very excited to see my CTZN painting in the doors last night!)

Shoutout to my clique: @skunkl3 @coco_loco1818 @nevrlands @brynngendvil @4ever_caged @madisonbryant15 @ms_blondie16 
I betta see your faces there 😉
⚓️#anchorclique (at Living Hope Church)

I’m on a roll for @ltfclothingco!

Just 18 more days!
Although I cannot invite anyone else besides my immediate family, my Senior Symposium is this Saturday at 11:20 and all are welcome to come! I will be presenting about my experience with @musicworkshopedu teaching at Faubion Elementary.

I’d love to see you there as well as the graduation reception on the 26th following the ceremony!

Oh, and the Spring Concert is this Sunday at 3!
(at Concordia University)

Just 18 more days +++ Just 18 more days +++ Just 18 more days

Even though I can’t invite any more than my family for graduation, my senior symposium is this Saturday a little after 11 am and all are welcome to come! I’ll be presenting about my experience with @musicworkshopedu teaching at Faubion Elementary.
I’d love to see you there as well as the gradation reception on the 26th at Concordia!
Oh, and my SpringConcert is this Saturday at 3!

#cupdx (at Concordia University)