I want to go on an ADVENTURE ||
Stumbled upon the most legit little place where you can stay in teepees along Suttle Lake šŸ’™ (at Suttle Lake)

C I T I Z E N S.
Tonight’s gon’ be off the hook! Who will be there!? šŸ‘‹šŸ‘‹šŸ‘‹

Well after getting new oil, radiator fluid, and new PCV I’ll FINALLY be able to drive to Bend!
Later, PDX. See you in two weeks.


Lord Iā€™m ready for what You have

Iā€™m not looking to my future, but Iā€™m looking to You

Take all my desires, make them Your desires

Make me whole

Only by Your grace, use me completely

Uhhhhhhh yeah it’s about to get real serious at the gym. Loving these extra days off!

This, my friends, is what VICTORY looks like! (Sorry David…not sorry @nosack_noproblem šŸ˜¬)
Tonight was awesome — got a surprise visit from @tj_gorum and I got about $7 richer in quarters. Seriously so proud of this guy and everything he’s doing for Jesus and the awesome people of @impactfellowship! My family is simply the coolest.


Jesus =love Ā 1John 3:16

So thankful to have time and energy to start reading again and thankful for the little wisdom I got from my tea tonight.

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