Can it still be camp where I had no care in the world besides how awesome does my snuggie look and WHERE MY GIRL @erinbye_ at!?
#wearecitizens #royalcitizens #royalcitizenscamp #ILOVECHURCH

WHO’S COMING TO @citizensyc at 7PM!? You know I am! ✋

My ray of ☀️☀️☀️
#simpsonwedding2014 #graceandmicah2014

Do you love mail as much as I do?
Well, because of my love of graphic design, anything hand-drawn, Biblical inspiration, and all things beautiful, I am introducing my Soul Fuel mail packs!
This upcoming month’s Fuel Packs include professionally-printed graphic designs on ECO card stock, hand-written pieces, and surprises too.
To order an August pack, you can head to my Etsy store (, or you can comment your email below and I will give all U.S. citizens free shipping!
Mini Fuel Pack: $10
Fully-Fueled Pack: $20

ALSO, to celebrate the launch of my #SoulFuelbyPaige mail packs, I am hosting my first giveaway! To enter, you must follow me, repost this picture, and tag @paigenosack and #soulfuelgiveaway. (And if you order a pack, your odds will TRIPLE and you will get the following month’s Fully-Fueled pack!)
Contact me if you have any questions at and good luck!

Our last #gracehoovercarselfies minus the car…time to start the new hashtag, #gracesimpsoncarselfies! So happy for you, @bitsofgrace! @acetrainermicah is a lucky man!

Replenishing today with citrus water, working on worship things, listening to @blindsideofficial, and cleaning house. Sometimes you just need some good Jesus-loving hardcore music to brighten your day, you know?

Us with the happy couple @acetrainermicah & @bitsofgrace during their first dance ;)
Love my musical and action-packed partners in crime: @samanthajoycle @dshuba (at The Foundry at Oswego Pointe)

Wedding time!!
#graceandmicah2014 #simpsonwedding2014 #gracehoovercarselfies (at The Foundry at Oswego Pointe)

Creepin’ from afar at Ski Bowl.

Your basic ski lift selfie.
#royalcitizens #royalcitizenscamp (at Mt Hood Ski Bowl)

/// BRIGHTER ///
Loving morning sessions!! You all are KILLIN IT! @van_twinkle_toes @gabrielroyce @jonosack Jaylen @recklessg4b @savelliott_ @_destiny_alarcon @more_ray & Hannah
Photo cred: Kandie! (at Citizens Youth Church)

#royalcitizens night 2: HIP HOP HALLELUJAH ///////
Cheetah vibin’ and my attempt of copying @mycolonialremodel’s style with my cheetah snuggie. Tried to be as gangster as @revjstrickland but I obviously have a long way to go in the awesome poses department.
Tonight was beyond words and I am overcome by the love of Jesus tonight! Seriously love #wearecitizens and @citizensyc!
#cheetaherrrthang (at Citizens Youth Church)

And just in the right moment, I received this from Amy! This wonderful week of camp and a wedding was greeted by news of uncertainty and I have been battling some fear and anxiety about my near future. It’s truly amazing to see how Jesus draws near to us as we draw near to Him and in these uncertain times, Jesus has been so faithful. So thankful for Pastor @amywheelon and my church…because in times like this, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be!!

Night one of #RoyalCitizensCamp was a success! Pastor @markfrancey KILLED IT as always! Already blown away by what Jesus is doing (and the neon dance party was an added bonus)
#wearecitizens (at Citizens Youth Church)

We’ll never be royals?
Welllllllll not true!
👑 ROYAL CITIZENS CAMP 👑 is this week and it’s not too late to sign up and join the party!
Are you out of high school? Contact me for more info! $5 at the door gets you dinner, and a conference-style packed night that you WON’T want to miss out on! It’s at Living Hope Fellowship 6-10pm Thurs, Fri, and Sat. Trust me, if you can come to ANY or ALL, I’d highly recommend this to my college-aged friends as well. Get ready for a life-changing week!
(Feel free to repost this picture too! Let’s i n v i t e like no one’s business!)
@citizensyc (at Citizens Youth Church)

Sooooo who can guess what is making it’s debut at Royal Citizens Camp at #cafevivasperanza!?
•Hint: I also got Matcha Green Tea powder!•

(at Uwajimaya Beaverton)